Welcome to Allegro Software Technologies, Inc.

Allegro Software Technologies provides various services to help customers build and integrate their Web Centric Application Systems, recently it includes some Cloud services.
We focuses on Web Centric Application System and endorses the Java Technologies.
We utilize the Java Technologies for development of our products, the customer enjoys the benefits, its cost effectiveness and less development period, brought about by cutting-edge technologies. Eradicate uncool manual fashion. ... About Us

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Web Centric Application

Web centric application means an application that is built on Web Application Server based on the Internet/Web technologies. Currently, the Internet/Web technologies grow rapidly and then give birth to the word of Cloud services, or SaaS a.k.a. Software as a service. Web centric application provides flexibility of system architecture, the customer is able to choose system elements, a platform, a middleware and also a Cloud service itself and construct cost-effective application systems. The result is exemplified by the fact that adoption of the Cloud services are spreading across the world rapidly.

The Cloud Service Creator

We provides expertise in developing Web centric applications and Cloud services.A Cloud platform allows us to build and host cloud-based applications. It provides not only on-demand hardware and operating-system services, but also application platforms and solution stacks. ... Services